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To get involved in the garden
To become a member of the North Fitzroy Community Gardens group please fill out this Membership Application Form

Membership fees are currently $10 full or $5 concession per year.   This allows you to be involved in the communal areas of the garden and receive all Group communications.

There are many different ways people can be involved in the garden. People are involved in gardening their individual (or shared) plots, attending working bees to help maintain and develop the garden, taking part in the communal areas, and providing other skills.

The community garden is always interested in offers of help whether of skills, or material items such as old tools that you might have lying about in your shed. To find out what items the garden is looking for, click here.

To get a plot

There is currently a members waiting list for plots. To be put on the waiting list, first you must be a member. Only one plot is allowed per household and plots are allocated in accordance with the by-laws of the Gardens Group.

Plot fees are according to the size of the plot and are intended to cover the recurrent costs of the garden and infrastructure improvements.  Annual plot fees are $8 per square metre of plot and $4 per square metre of plot at the concession rate.

Please Note:  

  1. There are currently over 60 households on the waiting list for a plot and new members can expect a wait of at least six years for a plot.
  2. The City of Yarra licence to operate Rushall Garden requires that preference be given to residents of the City of Yarra when allocating plots.  Non-residents can only be allocated a plot if there are no City of Yarra residents on the waiting list. In view of the current long waiting list of City of Yarra residents it is unlikely that non-residents will be eligible for a plot in the foreseeable future.
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