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Please read the  information below, then download and fill out this Membership Application Form

Garden membership

Becoming a garden member means that you can be involved in the rich and varied life of the garden. There are opportunities to help maintain the communal areas and composting facilities of the garden. You can come along to the major working bees and enjoy a gourmet BBQ and drinks afterwards, or come to the regular monthly ones on Sunday morning and enjoy morning tea with homemade goodies. Working bees are a great social activity as well as helping with the general upkeep of the garden. We have regular workshops on gardening issues, such as pruning of fruit trees and composting and worm farm management to which all members are invited. If you want to participate in the decision making processes of the group, you will be able to attend and vote at the General Meetings, or join the Committee of Management. As a member, you will receive all communications from the garden including the newsletters, and you might want to join our Facebook group. Membership fees are currently $10 full or $5 concession per year. Members are bound by the by-laws and code of conduct of the Group.

Obtaining a plot

Once you have become a member, you might want to go on the waiting list for a plot. There are however, currently about 60 members on the list, and you can expect to wait about 6 years for one. Plots are allocated in accordance with the by-laws of the Group. Currently the plot fees are $8/m2 per year full rate and $4/m2 per year concession rate. These fees are to cover costs of the garden such as water and electricity, public liability insurance and communal garden tools and equipment. The fees are reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Group and are due upon allocation of a plot and thereafter on 1st March and 1st September.

Members are advised of the presence of low-level contamination of the soil at the Thomas Kidney Reserve prior to the construction of the garden. A detailed site report is available from the Committee. During 2015 and 2016, all plots had a geofabric barrier installed between the topsoil and the clay capping.

Plot-holders are expected to garden according to our plot cultivation guidelines.

Please note: The City of Yarra lease to operate Rushall Garden requires that preference be given to residents and/or ratepayers of the City of Yarra when allocating plots and theses must comprise at least 80% of plot-holders. In view of the current long waiting list of City of Yarra residents or ratepayers it is unlikely that non-residents will be eligible for a plot in the foreseeable future.



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