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The North Fitzroy Community Gardens Group aims to enhance the sustainability of the North Fitzroy community by:

  •  respecting prior ownership of the land by Indigenous Australians
  •  maintaining an attractive urban space where people can grow plants predominantly for food and which is accessible to the local community to enjoy
  •  promoting sustainable organic horticultural techniques and fostering the sharing and development of a diversity of gardening skills
  •  managing the garden by consensus in an open, participatory and non-discriminatory manner.
  • By becoming a member you agree with the above aims of the North Fitzroy Community Gardens Group.

    Becoming a member

    To become a member of the North Fitzroy Community Garden group you have two options:

  • Apply online
  • Apply by mail
  • Membership fees are currently $10 full or $5 concession per year.  Membership  enables you to be involved in maintaining the communal areas of the garden, participating in working bees and other activities, and to receive all Group communications.

    Becoming a plot holder

    There is currently a  long waiting list of members wanting a plot. To be put on the waiting list you must be a member. Only one plot is allowed per household and plots are allocated in accordance with the by-laws of the Gardens Group.

    Annual plot fees are $8 per square metre of plot and $4 per square metre of plot at the concession rate.

    Please Note:  

    1. There are currently over 60 households on the waiting list for a plot and new members can expect a wait of at least six years for a plot.
    2. The City of Yarra lease to operate Rushall Garden requires that preference be given to residents and ratepayers of the City of Yarra when allocating plots and they must comprise at least 80% of plot holders. In view of the current long waiting list of City of Yarra residents it is unlikely that non-residents will be eligible for a plot in the foreseeable future.
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