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Community composting

Rushall Community Garden is a Community Composting Hub

Rushall Community Garden  in North Fitzroy has joined forces with Food Know How,  Yarra’s flagship food waste reduction program, run by Cultivating Community and the Yarra City Council. The garden now hosts a community compost hub, accepting food scraps from residents in the local area.

If you don’t have a worm farm or compost bin at home, you can add your food scraps to the bins available outside the Garden, alongside the railway fence. Please observe the signs as to which bin to use.

  1. Add chopped up food scraps to the bins:
    • Vegetable scraps (no meat, no processed foods)
    • Coffee grounds and loose tea (no teabags)
    • Grass clippings & leaves
  2. Please make sure the scraps are small – no whole potatoes or whole friut, and no citrus peel, avocado stones or sweetcorn. No lawn clippings.
  3. Cover with a layer of straw or mulch – this is usually in a basket next to the bins. This balances the compost, prevents bad smells and speeds up the composting process.

Our Community Compost Hub is proudly supported by the City of Yarra  and we  recently received a grant from them  to upgrade these facilities – we will be installing larger, more efficient and vermin proof  bins sometime in 2018.

For more information on worm farming and composting, as well as food waste reduction in general visit the Food Know How website.

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