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Community composting

Rushall Community Garden is a Community Composting Hub


If you don’t have a worm farm or compost bin at home, you can add your food scraps to the bins available at the Garden.

  1. Add chopped up food scraps to the bins:
    • Vegetable scraps (no meat, no processed foods)
    • Coffee grounds and loose tea
    • Grass clippings & leaves
  2. Cover with a layer of straw. This balances the compost and prevents bad smells.


See below article Compost hubs are go!

Rushall Community Garden  in North Fitzroy has joined forces with Food Know How, Yarra’s flagship food waste reduction program, run by Cultivating Community and the Yarra City Council. The garden now hosts a community compost hub, accepting food scraps from residents and cafes in the local area.

Program Coordinator Jodi says “over half the average Yarra rubbish bin is food waste but not everybody has the ability to compost at home… we’re thrilled Rushall Garden is helping us give people the chance to recycle and reduce landfill.”

Ashkelon café on St Georges Road have staff and volunteers walk their kitchen scraps and coffee grounds down three times a week hoping to halve the waste they currently send to landfill. The compost is turned at ‘working bees’ and used as free local fertiliser in the garden.

The Rushall Community Garden compost hub is one of seven that have been established around Yarra. Twenty-four cafés have joined the Cargo Trike Collection Scheme and over 350 Households are reducing their food waste at home! Participants are eligible to receive a subsidised worm farm or compost bin and have access to free workshops and information on how to get started.

To learn more contact Jodi: or visit Food Know How to register online for free and join the Facebook page.





Our Community Compost Hub is proudly supported by:

For more information on worm farming and composting at home, including free workshops and discounted systems, check out

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