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About the Garden

Rushall Garden is located in the Thomas Kidney Reserve on Rushall Crescent. (behind the grassy knollpposite the end of Kneen St.) in North Fitzroy.

We enjoy growing our own fruit and vegetables using sustainable organic horticultural practices and foster the sharing and development of a diversity of gardening skills.

The North Fitzroy Community Gardens Group (NFCGG) is a non-profit organisation that formed in 1997, with the aim of establishing a community garden in North Fitzroy. The NFCGG proposed a garden with both individual allotments and space for communal gardening projects.

The NFCGG aims to enhance the sustainability of the North Fitzroy community by:

  • respecting prior ownership of the land by Indigenous Australians;
  • maintaining attractive urban space where people can grow plants predominantly for food and which is accessible to the local community to enjoy;
  • promoting sustainable organic horticultural techniques;
  • fostering the sharing and development of a diversity of gardening skills;
  • managing the garden by consensus in an open, participatory and non-discriminatory manner.
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